Restaurant Nyvågar

Restaurant Nyvågar can be found on the quayside in beautiful, quiet and historic surroundings on the outskirts of Kabelvåg, only 5km from Svolvær. We serve good local ingredients with international flavours, served in tasty, ramshackle surroundings and with genuine Northern Norwegian hospitality! Our head chef Andre is a keen forager in nature so we get to taste everything from seaweed and kelp to the best jam you can imagine.

Opening hours Restaurant May:
Thursday – Saturday at 18-21
Today’s 3 course meal
Price NOK 595

Lofoten Loft Bar

In our Lofoten Loft Bar, you are welcome for a drink after dinner or to simply enjoy the view of the ocean with a glass in hand. We serve beer, wine and spirits and are proud to be able to present one of the world’s largest collections of aquavit – approx. 300 different varieties! Choose your samples from the collection or try our aquavit board with our recommendations. We also serve self-composed aquavit-based cocktails.